DIY Masquerade Mask for Men

Hey guys! This will be quick. I have FOUR Christmas parties to think about this week (son’s school, hubby’s work, church), on top of the ones in line for next week! Oh my!

I just wanted to share with you my first ever shot to DIY a masquerade mask for my hubby who’s attending a formal masquerade Christmas party at his work on tomorrow. He is the first one Continue reading “DIY Masquerade Mask for Men”

Kaybiang Tunnel and Marine Base Beach in Ternate Cavite

Thank goodness for another Philippine holiday!  As an office employee working our usual 9-5, my husband Yuli and I find holidays to be literally heaven sent!  You may recall from this post how I don’t want holidays to go wasted so I plan trips whenever I can.
Continue reading “Kaybiang Tunnel and Marine Base Beach in Ternate Cavite”

5 Amazing Things that Happened Without TV and Gadgets for a Month

So… my five-year-old son Omer had a terrible throwing tantrum last month which resulted to breaking-beyond-repair his cousin’s Kindle.

Yikes! Have you ever been in a situation like that?  It was my first time to feel so ashamed of a terrible tantrum by my son.  I didn’t know what to do and thought I failed to handle the situation well. Continue reading “5 Amazing Things that Happened Without TV and Gadgets for a Month”

Sea of Clouds at Treasure Mountain Camp, Tanay, Rizal

The Treasure Mountain Camp in Tanay, Rizal is known for its “Sea of Clouds”.  We went to check if its real.


I consider myself lucky to live in a holiday-loving country such as the Philippines! Continue reading “Sea of Clouds at Treasure Mountain Camp, Tanay, Rizal”

5 Kid-Friendly Activities in the South

I recently got asked by one of my mommy friends for recommendations on kid-friendly activities to do in the South. As you may know, my family and I live in a city called Muntinlupa, the last city, geographically speaking, that is included in the jungle that is called Metro Manila, Philippines. Continue reading “5 Kid-Friendly Activities in the South”

DIY The Croods Family Halloween Costume

I may consider this year’s Halloween costume for our little family to be my ultimate hand-sewing project of the year!  Compared to our Shark-bitten Family theme last year, this year’s family costume is waaaaaay more complicated and required much more effort (about 2 weeks in the making!) and thinking.    Continue reading “DIY The Croods Family Halloween Costume”

Teaching Kids Responsibility and Accountability

As a first-time parent, I feel like I have spent the last five years playing a big game of trial and error on meals, products, education, activities, rewards, punishment etc. for my only son Omer.  I am still in the learning process and know that I still have a lot to learn.  Continue reading “Teaching Kids Responsibility and Accountability”