7 Movies Every Parent Should Watch with Their Kids

One of the many hobbies we like to do as a family is to watch movies, but instead of going to movie houses, we prefer doing it at home where we can lay down, talk, and even cook our pop corns the way we like.  In the past, we liked to collect DVDs of these movies until it became too tasking,

that is until we just became too lazy going out than opening up our phones and downloading them.  Some of the good apps we use are Showbox and Megabox.  More often than not, though, we get these good movies to watch with our son Omer through file sharing from our friends.  The best file sharing app I ever knew existed is called SHAREit, mainly because it is free and its capacity to share big chunks of files is limitless (well at least per my experience!).

Since I became a nanay (mother), I could say that our watching preferences have dramatically changed. In the past I would have gone out with friends or bought latest DVDs on sexy romcoms or psycho thriller movies. Now, if my friends asked me about how the movie Logan went, I would say ‘Gee, I have no idea, but have you watched The Lego Batman movie? You should watch it!’. 😁 But don’t get me wrong. I am still able to watch adult movies with Yuli, only after making sure that Omer is sound asleep.

We have watched loooots of children’s movies repeatedly (for some we have even watched twice or thrice in the same day!) over the past five years, to the point of memorizing the lines and the lyrics of the soundtrack to each. In the world of children’s movies, I could say these are the ones that have really caught me, and would like to recommend to parents to watch with their kids as well.


We all love Nemo and Marlon, but admit it, Dory is the one that stood up and got stuck with us ’til  the end. Right? That’s why in this sequel, I am choosing Finding Dory. Besides the fact that Ellen DeGeneres did a great job at speaking whale and everything, I liked that the story focused on showing an undisputed support and love to an imperfect friend or family. I have lots of experiences being Dory in my life and would like for my Omer to be the kind of friend that Nemo and Marlon (and Destiny!) are. 😁


As a five-year-old, Omer’s curiosity about learning new things and seeing the world could be really comparable to Eep’s.  When I first saw this movie, I was reminded to be the kind of mother that lets my kid be a kid, and teach him in a way that he would not feel limited, but know that he always has a lot of right or wrong options to take, and that he shouldn’t be afraid. I liked how that reflected in the movie.


Besides the fact that this is by far the most peculiar concept I think has come to the world of children’s cinemas, and that the characters are really cute and funny, this came to my list because I was impressed with how the movie exemplified the importance of experiencing the negative sides of life’s great coin to appreciate the beauty of life’s happiness. We watched this film with the whole extended family in a movie house, and I remember my husband Yuli and some of the grown-ups crying towards the end.  I could easily cry on any children’s movie, and I sure did on this one!


Omer watched this on the big screen with his aunt and uncle who asked to go with him on a date one weekend, and Yuli and I decided to buy a DVD to catch up.  Conquering one’s fear is the main theme of the movie, which I thought was a lesson I would really want to teach my son.  Although Omer isn’t as shy and clumsy as Charlie Brown, he may well be in the future if I do not work on boosting his self-confidence now.


After watching the three Toy Story movies for a million times, I think I would go with the first movie as the best.  Besides the fact that this trilogy helped me teach Omer how to take care of his toys and not be like Sid, I was caught by Woody and Buzz’s friendship that crossed boundaries to reach out and show that they care.  It may be imperfect, but it is the kind of friendship I would like to have with Omer, now and in the future.


Speaking of friendship, I think this is another movie that teaches a good lesson for kids.  I would definitely like for Omer to learn not to look on outside appearance or social labels put on other people for him to decide which to befriend or not.  I am a fan of harmonious living and equality regardless of social circumstances, as that is how my parents taught me.  And I would like to do the same.  Plus, my ever favorite character ever written on children’s movies is here–FLAAAAASSSSHHH!


This is a fairly new movie that has come up on our radar and which I didn’t think this was ever shown in Philippine cinemas.  We have only watched it a couple of times (around twenty!) and it has already made an impact to me as a parent.  What I really wanted about this movie is how it emphasized the power of laughter in conquering almost all things.  I think I laughed harder than Omer at some parts of the movie.


[Author’s Note: I know that I used Wall-E as my cover photo for this post.  I consider that movie as a classic epic movie that every parent should watch with their kids as well.  If you have not watched that yet, please feel free to start with that one!]

There goes my list of movies to watch with your kids.  Do you have this kind of list?  What does your list include?  Tell me about it on the comments section below!



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17 Replies to “7 Movies Every Parent Should Watch with Their Kids”

  1. I love this movie list, our favorite is finding dory. We have seen most of these movie and I must say it’s definitely a lot of fun watching this with the kids.

  2. Having 3 kids and another on the way, we have watched A LOT of kids movies since 2001! From your list I love Inside Out and my husband loves Zootopia. My youngest has loved Happy Feet for 10 years and still loves to watch it all the time.

  3. My girls are adults but I have seen half of these with them. Some were not made yet and some we saw with older kids. Family movies are the best at any age!

  4. What a great list. I really enjoyed Inside Out and recommend that movie for anyone!! We love all of the Curious George movies too. My daughter was a little scared of Zootopia.

  5. I will like to see Inside out. I think trolls is another movie to watch with your kids.My kids watch it almost everyday and am not tired of watching too.

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