The Nanay

I was 20 years old when I first became a nanay (mother) and it took me five years to finally get the hang of it.  After recovering from those years of slight insanity, I finally decided to start a blog to make a record of all the experiences–good, bad, and funny, which are encapsulated by being a working mother in the beautiful island of the Philippines.

I work as a paralegal in an office during the day, 40 hours a week, but my husband and I are really working our way so that I could finally settle down and be a stay-at-home mom working home-based jobs (or maybe even do full-time blogging as that sounds terrific!) to support our day-to-day needs.  I love reading blogs on lifestyle, home improvement, baking recipes, craft projects for kids, and basically all things that make my life as a mom easier and more fun.

Having been blessed with a wonderful mom myself, I think that at least trying to be a good mother to my son is my way of paying for all the hardships and sacrifices she has made for me.  Pay it forward as they say.

This blog will show you how I try.