DIY Home Decor Project: Your 5-dollar Pendant Lamp!

After a week from being off and busy cleaning up all our mess from our recent move to our new home, I’ve been able to check in again.  Finally! Continue reading “DIY Home Decor Project: Your 5-dollar Pendant Lamp!”

2017 Blogger Recognition Award Nominee!

Thank heavens for the miracle of my five-year-old son Omer crashing earlier than usual tonight, giving me a leeway to write this post before our big move tomorrow (learn more about our move here and here!)
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3 Ways to Become Better Parents

One of the reasons why I love the months of April and October is because of the semi-annual general conference of the Church I belong to (Click here to learn more!).  During these semi-annual conferences, Continue reading “3 Ways to Become Better Parents”

2017 Liebster Award Nominee!

I am so excited to accept my first ever award nomination after a month of immersing myself in the amazing world of blogging!  Thanks a million to Jacqueline Frias for NOMINATING ME to the 2017 Liebster Award Continue reading “2017 Liebster Award Nominee!”

Family Emergency Preparedness Plan

Living in a calamity-prone country like the Philippines has never been easy.  As a young girl, I have been a witness of deaths among fellow Filipinos who lived just islands or towns away from me, because of some super typhoon, high-intensity earthquake, landslide, fire, etc.  Continue reading “Family Emergency Preparedness Plan”

Parenting: What I Learned So Far

When I decided to start a blog over just a month ago, I never really expected that I’d be blogging about parenting.  Although my niche is about motherhood, my mind was more inclined to talk about home décor, food ideas and other craft projects with my son Omer rather than parenting.  This may be partly because of my lack of confidence in myself about this field.  Continue reading “Parenting: What I Learned So Far”

3 Best Weekly Planner Ideas for Busy Moms

“What are your plans this week hon?”

That is a question you would often hear in our home.  Compared to daily or monthly planning, I find that weekly planning best suits our family’s lifestyle.  It has always been a bit of a challenge, however, especially with my husband Yuli’s ever-changing work schedule.  Continue reading “3 Best Weekly Planner Ideas for Busy Moms”