Minimalist Living Room Decor Ideas

So–I’ve been again popping my eyeballs out reading blog after blog looking for inspirations for our to-be-living-room in October.  As I have mentioned in my previous posts, you may know that we are moving out from a tiny apartment to a not-so-big but bigger-than-our-apartment house, and we are just so excited!  I promised to update you with all the DIY projects we plan on doing along the way, Continue reading “Minimalist Living Room Decor Ideas”

New Year, New DIY Home

I have told you in this post that we are moving out from our apartment in October, and that we are so so excited for a much bigger space (with a garage for our dog named Ted and a little spot for me to start growing plants, dream come true!) to come for our little family.   My husband Yuli Continue reading “New Year, New DIY Home”

Lunchbox Series: Baked Mini Hawaiian Pizza

One of my favorite go-to snacks for my five-year-old son are these baked mini-Hawaiian pizzas.  I don’t think anyone could ever go wrong with pizzas!  Besides the fact that it’s so quick and easy to prepare, it’s also super cheap.  I estimated that one preparation yielding 2 dozen mini pizzas cost me around Php 150.00 (USD 3.00) and that could be good for a week’s worth of Omer’s baon (snack)! Continue reading “Lunchbox Series: Baked Mini Hawaiian Pizza”

7 Movies Every Parent Should Watch with Their Kids

One of the many hobbies we like to do as a family is to watch movies, but instead of going to movie houses, we prefer doing it at home where we can lay down, talk, and even cook our pop corns the way we like.  In the past, we liked to collect DVDs of these movies until it became too tasking, Continue reading “7 Movies Every Parent Should Watch with Their Kids”

Taking My Interior Design Skills to the Next Level


So this is what’s keeping me busy these past few weeks, other than working out the migration of my blog from free to self-hosted site (I can talk about this experience in another post), and of course being an employee by day and a mother by night.  I’m trying to learn more about interior decorating, and I am so excited about it!  I got myself included in an online Continue reading “Taking My Interior Design Skills to the Next Level”

DIY Shark Costume and Treats Bag for Kids

Looking for super easy, inexpensive, and cute trick-or-treat costume for your kids this year?  I got you covered!

Omer was 3 and a half years old when I made this project back in 2015.  He was so obsessed with sharks at that time and I just thought, why not make him one?  So I went online and found on the lovely Pinterest a lot of great blogs for making kids’ shark costume, with step-by-step tutorials!  I came across this blog which I thought was just perfect for what I need. Continue reading “DIY Shark Costume and Treats Bag for Kids”

4 Family Traditions You Should Start Doing in Christmas

Christmas celebration is a big deal in the Philippines, and it always starts early–too early!  As soon as September 1st comes (or the “-BER” months as we call it), people are already throwing Christmas greetings one with another.  Christmas songs are being played on stores and other places, and I am already thinking of gifts to give and Christmas projects to pull-off. It’s a stressful season, but it’s still my favorite. Continue reading “4 Family Traditions You Should Start Doing in Christmas”