Finding Hope After A Miscarriage — My Thoughts and Tender Mercies

NOTE: Never have I imagined sharing my story of miscarriage to the world.  My reason for the change is found here.

Hermione Jean’s story began just like everyone else’s–a pregnancy test marked with two lines. I liked calling it the magic stick, as I am amazed at how quickly it could  give couples news of either great joy or great sorrow; sometimes terror even. To us, it came with a little bit of a shock. We weren’t really serious in trying to get pregnant at that time, Continue reading “Finding Hope After A Miscarriage — My Thoughts and Tender Mercies”

My First Shot at Spoken Word Poetry Goes to Hermione Jean

It has been exactly a year when I first tried writing a poem that I think could pass for spoken word–and I did it only because it was required.  My high school friend, who was getting addicted to Spoken Word Poetry, celebrated his birthday by requiring the attendees to write one poem to be read at the party.  If it weren’t for him, I either would not have started or finished it.  I have not been Continue reading “My First Shot at Spoken Word Poetry Goes to Hermione Jean”

DIY Pleated Bedskirt

One lesson I learned from living in a small apartment is that an unused space is a storage space. I have always stored most of my craft stuff under our bed to maximize the space and for my easy access as well.

One downside, however, is it could look messy. Especially from afar, when the door to our bedroom is open, I could see all the clutter under the bed and did not like it. Continue reading “DIY Pleated Bedskirt”

Overnight Camping in Real, Quezon

WARNING: This post contains a lot of mushy pictures. Continue at your own risk. 🤤

By seeing my previous posts on our trips to Sariaya, Quezon, and Baler, Quezon, you should know that my husband was unable to come to both trips because of conflict in his work schedule. This trip was different in that i) we were together but without Omer, and ii) we were on a long motorcycle road trip. Continue reading “Overnight Camping in Real, Quezon”

3-Day Trip to Baler, Quezon

I love the Quezon province! I’ve been there at least three times and was never left with nothing new to try.  Our family’s trip to Baler just this year is probably the coolest trip we’ve had in Quezon so far, maybe because it’s the longest stay we had and a great itinerary and company that came along with it. Let’s get started!
On the outset, here is a full view of our itinerary in case you wanted to take note. Baler is probably 4-5 hour drive from our place in Muntinlupa city (taking off the time that we got lost). Continue reading “3-Day Trip to Baler, Quezon”

Dalampasigan Beach Resort, Sariaya Quezon

It’s the rainy season again in the Philippines. Typhoons are taking turns coming in and out, and weather is most of the time intermittent. Omer’s classes had been suspended twice last week and once this week due to heavy rains. It is that time again that I would install beach or summer desktop themes on my laptop to see glimpses of beaches and the sun (Current Theme: Carribean Beaches 😎). Continue reading “Dalampasigan Beach Resort, Sariaya Quezon”

The Ca-Ca-Chuck Family Tradition

It should only be fitting to tell you more about my guys. I seriously love being a wife to Yuli and a mother to Neal Omer.  One big trait that we have as a family is our united desire in finding happiness through simple and frugal means.  I like to think that we’ll have lots of time with extravagance when we’re old and boring! Because of that, I directed myself to building small family traditions that will make us happy while avoiding emptying out our pockets. Continue reading “The Ca-Ca-Chuck Family Tradition”