DIY Home Decor Project: Your 5-dollar Pendant Lamp!

After a week from being off and busy cleaning up all our mess from our recent move to our new home, I’ve been able to check in again.  Finally! Continue reading “DIY Home Decor Project: Your 5-dollar Pendant Lamp!”

3 Best Weekly Planner Ideas for Busy Moms

“What are your plans this week hon?”

That is a question you would often hear in our home.  Compared to daily or monthly planning, I find that weekly planning best suits our family’s lifestyle.  It has always been a bit of a challenge, however, especially with my husband Yuli’s ever-changing work schedule.  Continue reading “3 Best Weekly Planner Ideas for Busy Moms”

Minimalist Living Room Decor Ideas

So–I’ve been again popping my eyeballs out reading blog after blog looking for inspirations for our to-be-living-room in October.  As I have mentioned in my previous posts, you may know that we are moving out from a tiny apartment to a not-so-big but bigger-than-our-apartment house, and we are just so excited!  I promised to update you with all the DIY projects we plan on doing along the way, Continue reading “Minimalist Living Room Decor Ideas”

New Year, New DIY Home

I have told you in this post that we are moving out from our apartment in October, and that we are so so excited for a much bigger space (with a garage for our dog named Ted and a little spot for me to start growing plants, dream come true!) to come for our little family.   My husband Yuli Continue reading “New Year, New DIY Home”

DIY Pleated Bedskirt

One lesson I learned from living in a small apartment is that an unused space is a storage space. I have always stored most of my craft stuff under our bed to maximize the space and for my easy access as well.

One downside, however, is it could look messy. Especially from afar, when the door to our bedroom is open, I could see all the clutter under the bed and did not like it. Continue reading “DIY Pleated Bedskirt”

Up-Cycle Picture Frame to a DIY Fancy Whiteboard

I was thinking of a quick craft project one weeknight after work using a broken picture frame from our last year’s Christmas gifts and ended up reading a dozen or so blogs on Pinterest on DIY framed art projects.  From the blogs I read, I thought that a dry-erase board would be the most practical thing to do for now with the resources at hand.  I decided to try out this project that I saw online and got very satisfied with the result.  It was very easy and cheap, and the fact that you could redo and re purpose it whenever you like just made it more interesting for me to do. Continue reading “Up-Cycle Picture Frame to a DIY Fancy Whiteboard”