Blue Hot Spring Resort in Laguna

blue water hot spring resort pansol laguna

We found another jewel in the pool of hot spring resorts in Pansol, Laguna, and I hope it remains hidden from the crowd forever.

DIY Masquerade Mask for Men

diy masquerade mask for men

Hey guys! This will be quick. I have FOUR Christmas parties to think about this week (son’s school, hubby’s work, church), on top of the…

DIY The Croods Family Halloween Costume

I may consider this year’s Halloween costume for our little family to be my ultimate hand-sewing project of the year!  Compared to our Shark-bitten Family…

DIY Shark-Bitten Family Costume

diy shark family costume trick-or-treat

Looking for super easy, inexpensive, and cute trick-or-treat costume for your kids this year?  I got you covered! Omer was 3 and a half years…

4 Family Traditions You Should Start Doing in Christmas

christmas family traditions

Christmas celebration is a big deal in the Philippines, and it always starts early–too early!  As soon as September 1st comes (or the “-BER” months…