5 Amazing Things that Happened Without TV and Gadgets for a Month

So… my five-year-old son Omer had a terrible throwing tantrum last month which resulted to breaking-beyond-repair his cousin’s Kindle.

Yikes! Have you ever been in a situation like that?  It was my first time to feel so ashamed of a terrible tantrum by my son.  I didn’t know what to do and thought I failed to handle the situation well. Continue reading “5 Amazing Things that Happened Without TV and Gadgets for a Month”

5 Kid-Friendly Activities in the South

I recently got asked by one of my mommy friends for recommendations on kid-friendly activities to do in the South. As you may know, my family and I live in a city called Muntinlupa, the last city, geographically speaking, that is included in the jungle that is called Metro Manila, Philippines. Continue reading “5 Kid-Friendly Activities in the South”

DIY The Croods Family Halloween Costume

I may consider this year’s Halloween costume for our little family to be my ultimate hand-sewing project of the year!  Compared to our Shark-bitten Family theme last year, this year’s family costume is waaaaaay more complicated and required much more effort (about 2 weeks in the making!) and thinking.    Continue reading “DIY The Croods Family Halloween Costume”

Teaching Kids Responsibility and Accountability

As a first-time parent, I feel like I have spent the last five years playing a big game of trial and error on meals, products, education, activities, rewards, punishment etc. for my only son Omer.  I am still in the learning process and know that I still have a lot to learn.  Continue reading “Teaching Kids Responsibility and Accountability”

2017 Blogger Recognition Award Nominee!

Thank heavens for the miracle of my five-year-old son Omer crashing earlier than usual tonight, giving me a leeway to write this post before our big move tomorrow (learn more about our move here and here!)
Continue reading “2017 Blogger Recognition Award Nominee!”

3 Ways to Become Better Parents

One of the reasons why I love the months of April and October is because of the semi-annual general conference of the Church I belong to (Click here to learn more!).  During these semi-annual conferences, Continue reading “3 Ways to Become Better Parents”

2017 Liebster Award Nominee!

I am so excited to accept my first ever award nomination after a month of immersing myself in the amazing world of blogging!  Thanks a million to Jacqueline Frias for NOMINATING ME to the 2017 Liebster Award Continue reading “2017 Liebster Award Nominee!”