5 Amazing Things that Happened Without TV and Gadgets for a Month

So… my five-year-old son Omer had a terrible throwing tantrum last month which resulted to breaking-beyond-repair his cousin’s Kindle.

Yikes! Have you ever been in a situation like that?  It was my first time to feel so ashamed of a terrible tantrum by my son.  I didn’t know what to do and thought I failed to handle the situation well. Continue reading “5 Amazing Things that Happened Without TV and Gadgets for a Month”

Teaching Kids Responsibility and Accountability

As a first-time parent, I feel like I have spent the last five years playing a big game of trial and error on meals, products, education, activities, rewards, punishment etc. for my only son Omer.  I am still in the learning process and know that I still have a lot to learn.  Continue reading “Teaching Kids Responsibility and Accountability”

3 Ways to Become Better Parents

One of the reasons why I love the months of April and October is because of the semi-annual general conference of the Church I belong to (Click here to learn more!).  During these semi-annual conferences, Continue reading “3 Ways to Become Better Parents”

Family Emergency Preparedness Plan

Living in a calamity-prone country like the Philippines has never been easy.  As a young girl, I have been a witness of deaths among fellow Filipinos who lived just islands or towns away from me, because of some super typhoon, high-intensity earthquake, landslide, fire, etc.  Continue reading “Family Emergency Preparedness Plan”

Parenting: What I Learned So Far

When I decided to start a blog over just a month ago, I never really expected that I’d be blogging about parenting.  Although my niche is about motherhood, my mind was more inclined to talk about home décor, food ideas and other craft projects with my son Omer rather than parenting.  This may be partly because of my lack of confidence in myself about this field.  Continue reading “Parenting: What I Learned So Far”

4 Family Traditions You Should Start Doing in Christmas

Christmas celebration is a big deal in the Philippines, and it always starts early–too early!  As soon as September 1st comes (or the “-BER” months as we call it), people are already throwing Christmas greetings one with another.  Christmas songs are being played on stores and other places, and I am already thinking of gifts to give and Christmas projects to pull-off. It’s a stressful season, but it’s still my favorite. Continue reading “4 Family Traditions You Should Start Doing in Christmas”

Finding Hope After A Miscarriage — My Thoughts and Tender Mercies

NOTE: Never have I imagined sharing my story of miscarriage to the world.  My reason for the change is found here.

Hermione Jean’s story began just like everyone else’s–a pregnancy test marked with two lines. I liked calling it the magic stick, as I am amazed at how quickly it could  give couples news of either great joy or great sorrow; sometimes terror even. To us, it came with a little bit of a shock. We weren’t really serious in trying to get pregnant at that time, Continue reading “Finding Hope After A Miscarriage — My Thoughts and Tender Mercies”