Kaybiang Tunnel and Marine Base Beach in Ternate Cavite

Thank goodness for another Philippine holiday!  As an office employee working our usual 9-5, my husband Yuli and I find holidays to be literally heaven sent!  You may recall from this post how I don’t want holidays to go wasted so I plan trips whenever I can.
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Sea of Clouds at Treasure Mountain Camp, Tanay, Rizal

The Treasure Mountain Camp in Tanay, Rizal is known for its “Sea of Clouds”.  We went to check if its real.


I consider myself lucky to live in a holiday-loving country such as the Philippines! Continue reading “Sea of Clouds at Treasure Mountain Camp, Tanay, Rizal”

5 Kid-Friendly Activities in the South

I recently got asked by one of my mommy friends for recommendations on kid-friendly activities to do in the South. As you may know, my family and I live in a city called Muntinlupa, the last city, geographically speaking, that is included in the jungle that is called Metro Manila, Philippines. Continue reading “5 Kid-Friendly Activities in the South”

Overnight Camping in Real, Quezon

WARNING: This post contains a lot of mushy pictures. Continue at your own risk. 🤤

By seeing my previous posts on our trips to Sariaya, Quezon, and Baler, Quezon, you should know that my husband was unable to come to both trips because of conflict in his work schedule. This trip was different in that i) we were together but without Omer, and ii) we were on a long motorcycle road trip. Continue reading “Overnight Camping in Real, Quezon”

3-Day Trip to Baler, Quezon

I love the Quezon province! I’ve been there at least three times and was never left with nothing new to try.  Our family’s trip to Baler just this year is probably the coolest trip we’ve had in Quezon so far, maybe because it’s the longest stay we had and a great itinerary and company that came along with it. Let’s get started!
On the outset, here is a full view of our itinerary in case you wanted to take note. Baler is probably 4-5 hour drive from our place in Muntinlupa city (taking off the time that we got lost). Continue reading “3-Day Trip to Baler, Quezon”

Dalampasigan Beach Resort, Sariaya Quezon

It’s the rainy season again in the Philippines. Typhoons are taking turns coming in and out, and weather is most of the time intermittent. Omer’s classes had been suspended twice last week and once this week due to heavy rains. It is that time again that I would install beach or summer desktop themes on my laptop to see glimpses of beaches and the sun (Current Theme: Carribean Beaches 😎). Continue reading “Dalampasigan Beach Resort, Sariaya Quezon”

3-Day Trip to Bolinao and Alaminos Pangasinan

Yuli, Omer and I, together with my parents and siblings (and my brother’s family) had a chance to visit the cities of Bolinao and Alaminos in Pangasinan last year, and it was an awesome experience.  We drove to Pangasinan on a Thursday night and arrived past midnight the following day.  We drove back for Manila on Saturday night, so almost a 3-day trip.  We wished to have had stayed longer but our remaining vacation leaves at work won’t allow us, but it was overall a great trip.   Continue reading “3-Day Trip to Bolinao and Alaminos Pangasinan”