Cinderella Musical and Kidzania for Your Next Family Date

I’ve got two new kid-friendly spots to try with your kids this weekend, in case you haven’t yet!

In case you are wondering what other kid-friendly activities and places are hiding in the busy streets of Manila that will not disappoint, we recently discovered two new spots which you may want to add to your list.

kidzania cinderella musical

Cinderella, The Musical

As part of the itinerary for Neal Omer’s school’s educational trip, we went to see Cinderella-The Musical by the Kids Acts Philippines, Inc. (KAPI), a local theater group based in Makati. I could tell by looking at the stage that this group targets kids as its audience, and I got that confirmation when I visited their social media accounts. I saw from their previous posts that they do accept bookings for school visits and more. Feel free to visit their Facebook page here.

It was Neal Omer’s first time to watch a theater performance in his life, let alone Cinderella. Being a boymom for five years now, I couldn’t even remember the last time I watched this on film! When the actors entered, I was in awe. I thought I was kind of more into it the whole time than him. The play was 1.5 hours long and about half of that went to music and dancing. I was amazed at how a small number of actors could pull off such a wonderful performance.

kids acts philippines cinderella the musical

This was all of them during the final curtsy. I think all of them played double roles besides Cinderella and the prince. They were all amazing, but I especially liked Gabriela and how she played a cute role in the story.

After the play I asked Omer how he liked it, and with that big smile on his face, I knew it was a success!


Our next stop was by all means one step higher than the former. For starters, Kidzania required a higher boost of energy and patience for kids and parents alike. We got there at 1pm and stayed until about 5pm. During those hours Omer engaged in the adult world by joining role-play games while earning some Kidzania money.

At first I thought that the 4-hour stay was too much, but when we got there, it felt like our time was not enough. Omer only got to pick four jobs—a laundryman, a fireman, an emergency respondent, and a painter.  We lost some good amount of time falling in line (I think there were 3 other schools that were there for an educational trip as well) and Omer’s sleepy tantrums.  In the end though I thought that 4 jobs were enough because when Omer was offered a job at the cookie store to make some cookies, he politely declined and said that he was so tired from working! It made me laugh. Yes son, adulting could be really tiring! 😊

So Omer’s Kidzania experience began by encashing his Kidzania check at the Bank of the Philippine Islands. He then had a choice to either finish his money off by trying out leisure activities, or earning more money by working. He decided to work and earn.

kidzania cinderella musical for kids

In Kidzania, the first part of any job was training before the practical application. As a laundryman, Omer and his group were asked to deliver laundry to other buildings in the city.

This was him delivering a bag of laundry to a hotel staff. <3

His next job was becoming an emergency respondent and riding an actual ambulance!

I had to be away from him to buy some snacks. The good thing about Kidzania is that they take children’s security seriously while the kids are inside the building. Upon entry, we were asked to wear watches that identified the parents and kids to prevent losing them while on duty. I was also able to walk around the place while the kiddo is in the ambulance attending to a sick person, and got to take this picture of Kidzania’s supreme court. Super cute!


The highlight of the day came when Omer got to play as a fireman. He was literally smiling the whole time!

After becoming a fireman, he spent some of his money cooling down by enrolling in a painting class and cap off the fun.

If you haven’t yet, I would totally recommend Kidzania for your next family date. Feel free to visit their official website for prices and reservations.

What other kid-friendly spots have you tried visiting in Manila so far? Leave them below for our little family to check out!


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