DIY The Croods Family Halloween Costume

I may consider this year’s Halloween costume for our little family to be my ultimate hand-sewing project of the year!  Compared to our Shark-bitten Family theme last year, this year’s family costume is waaaaaay more complicated and required much more effort (about 2 weeks in the making!) and thinking.   

Now don’t see me as complaining because I’m not.  I enjoyed every minute of it and the result made me a liiiiiitle bit proud of myself for being able to pull it all off with the limited resources that I have and making my son happy. 🙂

It all started by asking my son, Omer, what he would like to be for Halloween.  Now that he’s five years old, I’m trying to teach him responsibility by giving him the option to decide for himself.  I was not at all surprised that he chose to be Guy from the movie The Croods since we’re back to watching that movie for about three times a day again.  I can’t really blame him because I also love everything about that movie, from the story line to the characters.  I think that all parents should watch it with their kids.  I especially love the credits song entitled Shine Your Way.  Omer and I would usually dance together whenever that is played.  Try to listen to it here and tell me what you think!  Feel free to dance with your kids as well!

As soon as he told me about wanting to be Guy for Halloween, I immediately opened up my fave DIY pal Pinterest and looked for costume ideas.  Usually, I would see several blog post detailing how I would be able to pull-off such costumes with step-by-step tutorials, and then I would be fine.  To my surprise, however, nothing came out of my “Guy” search.  I just saw a bunch of pictures of kids wearing customized Guy costumes but without the tutorials.  Trying hard not to panic, I thought about what I could do.  To add to that, I also needed to think about how to pull-off being Grugg and Ugga of The Croods to match with his Guy costume.

grugg the croods costumeugga the croods halloween costume

After a few days of brainstorming with myself about the kind of fabric I would need for the clothes and all the other details, I went to a thrift shop to look for fleece and furry jackets.  Thrift shops are perfect for finding rare kinds of cheap fabric which you wouldn’t mind destroying.  I luckily found various 5-peso fleece jackets and a 60-peso pair of pants to help me begin.  I also found an old area rug around the house which I thought would be perfect for his furry boots.

diy halloween costume the croods

This was my first set of materials.  The next step was to dye everything black or brown to make them look dirty or used.  It was actually my first time to dye furry fabric and I don’t think I did it right, because I came to the office the next day with a lot of black spots on my fingers and nails!  I wouldn’t have cared too much if only I was not going to have to sit down with a bunch of managers for a meeting in the office at that day! Haha Oh well, at least now I know that gloves should be worn when dyeing fabric! 🙂

After the dyeing came the strenuous hand sewing.  Since I work during the day, I only got to do this by night, about an hour or two each night to give way to my other mother duties.  It took me about two weeks to finish all the sewing for our family’s Halloween costume, including Grugg’s costume for my husband Yuli and Ugga’s costume for me.

I should be better at taking step-by-step pictures of my projects next time, but this is kind of how it ended for Omer’s “Guy” costume.

the croods diy family halloween costume

My “Guy” seemed to be so happy about his costume, which made me so happy too.  I know I should have given more time dyeing the rug with a darker shade of blue, or making his arm bracelet, or finding ways to make his Belt, but time was not on my side so I just did what I could with what I had, and if Omer got satisfied, I’m satisfied. 🙂

On the other hand, my and Yuli’s costumes turned out to be super rushed but I thought it was fine.  Everything from our head to toe were recycled fabric (mine was an office blouse I used to wear!) dyed with either brown or black.  Omer was not in the mood to show us his hunting face at the time of taking this photo, but I didn’t mind.  I think the point of Halloween is for us to be kids again even for just a while, and I wouldn’t want to spoil that by being the mother commander that I usually am! 🙂

The point. Was to just. Have. Some. Fun.

diy family halloween costume the croods

After a while, he gave in anyway, and showed me this:

the croods guy halloween costume

Now isn’t that precious? 🙂

One deep breath, and now I’m ready for you, Christmas!

Til the next DIY Family Halloween Costume,

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37 Replies to “DIY The Croods Family Halloween Costume”

  1. Those feet crack me up! You did a great job on the costume! I had grand plans for our family Halloween costume this year, but time got away from me. Luckily our daughter is young enough not to really know what Halloween is yet. I’ll have to check out more of your site! =)

  2. I love family costumes! We have 3 kids and getting everyone to agree on a theme just wasn’t happening so we all did our own things. I love seeing all the thrifty and creative things people come up with! Your boy looks really happy, good job Mom!

  3. OK, I guess I’m out of the loop because I haven’t heard of this movie – BUT – the costumes you made to match its characters look FABULOUS! I especially love how you thrift-shopped for the materials for this DIY extravaganza. You SHOULD be super-proud of the finished results – they look amazing!

  4. Hahaha! I love it. very creative. I especially like the blue boots. They reminds me of something from Sesame Street.
    Fabric shops sell faux fur so that will be something to keep in mind 🙂

  5. So nice!!! I loved your imagination and creativity to make all the different costumes, it should be difficult to think in all family members! You all look so cute! 😀

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