DIY Home Decor Project: Your 5-dollar Pendant Lamp!

After a week from being off and busy cleaning up all our mess from our recent move to our new home, I’ve been able to check in again.  Finally!

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Just to give you a glimpse of how much work I still needed to do in getting our lives back to normal:


Uh-huh.  I know. 🙂  That’s why I’m so excited do some simple DIY projects to give me a little ray of hope in seeing our house the way I pictured it in my own mind, and hopefully magically skip that part just above. 🙂

Ever since the move, my husband Yuli and I have been talking about the DIY projects we were going to try doing in our home, one baby step at a time.  We started laying out how we wanted each room to look, and after having some discussion and settling of differences in taste, we have come to conclude that we both wanted a house that’s minimal and functional, and which elements harmoniously work together to bring out a little style.

I think the biggest challenge for my family with a five-year-old son who alone has 2 big boxes of toys apart from the ones he really plays with (figuring out where to put those boxes makes me wanna go crazy!), was of course getting rid of all the mess and unnecessary stuff to achieve our minimalist preference.  I know this goal entails A LOT of work and sacrifice, but if that means going to a home that’s relaxing and heavenly after a stressful day at work, then I guess it’s worth taking!

Another goal we wanted to achieve in our “DIY home” project was to look for ways to really spend less on the things that we are planning to put up.  I notice that people take more pride in showcasing really good stuff which they bought for less than for more.  Well at least I do.  My heart literally skips a beat whenever we pass by surplus shops selling secondhand or vintage furniture, most of which only needing a fresh coat of paint or varnish, or otherwise a variety of exotic displays which cost a fortune when bought brand new.  I like thinking of ways to make things look elegant with a bit of extra work.  Because really, I don’t mind the extra work. That’s exactly what Yuli and I have committed to do with the house.

With that said, I am showing off this beautiful pendant lamp we bought at a Japan Surplus Shop near our place for only PHP 250.00 (USD 5.00)!  We felt so lucky and proud of ourselves after buying that because I know how costly it could be if we bought it elsewhere.  It was completely working and did not come with any scratches.  Plus the color was what we really wanted!  All we did was buy a 20-watt daylight bulb from Ace Hardware, and then hang this piece onto the ceiling (the lamp came with a warm colored light and it didn’t match with our preference).


See the mighty change a pendant lamp could make to any room in your house? 🙂

Yuli and I have a full list of DIY projects we would still need to do, like Yuli’s redecoration of our master’s headboard,  installation of wall lamps and basically all the other lamps in the house (which we hope to scoop in another surplus shop!) and my very own version of our family command center, just to name a few.

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Now back to some serious cleaning up,


diy pendant lamp

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  1. I love DIY projects. Especially when making it yourself or buying it secondhand can be cheaper and look better. Cute pendant lamp and congratulations on the new home

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