DIY Masquerade Mask for Men

Hey guys! This will be quick. I have FOUR Christmas parties to think about this week (son’s school, hubby’s work, church), on top of the ones in line for next week! Oh my!

I just wanted to share with you my first ever shot to DIY a masquerade mask for my hubby who’s attending a formal masquerade Christmas party at his work on tomorrow. He is the first one

to attend such a party in our little family. I have never attended a masquerade ball in my 26 years of living, so I am quite excited for him!

I really wasn’t planning on taking this DIY project at first because 1) we were already short on time, and 2) I thought I already had a lot on my plate for this week and didn’t want to add more. But after ransacking shop after shop on two malls on Tuesday afternoon, we didn’t find any mask that suited his personality. That’s when I finally volunteered to DIY it for him, and he happily accepted!

diy masquerade mask for men
My first step, and always my first step on DIY-ing things, was checking out Pinterest to find inspiration on this and any project. I know that my husband doesn’t like anything that’s too fancy, but just the right amount of simplicity and elegance. After showing him some pictures, this was the one that finally got his nod.


We then went to National Bookstore, home to most of the crafting materials I needed for this project. I purchased these items for about Php 200.00 ($4.00). The store didn’t have the shape of the mask like in our inspiration picture, but I was fine with that.

diy masquerade mask for men

That same night, I readied the materials and started painting the mask using Dong-A silver poster paint. I made two coatings in front and just one coating at the back. I let it dry throughout the night.

diy masquerade mask for men

The following night, after getting home from work, I took it out again and painted the white garter with black watercolor to make it more consistent with my overall theme. I then glued grey sequins on both sides of the garter, which looked like this.

diy masquerade mask for men

I used black glitter powder and glue to make the detail on the mask. I had a hard time making distinct lines using glue and so I had to redo some during the process. It was only when I was done when I realized that I should have used a thin stick to make the job easier. I think that’s a lesson learned for me for future DIY projects like this.

But here’s how it looked like afterwards. I finished it off with another coat of silver poster paint to clean out the messy lines I made while in the process.

diy masquerade mask for men
Overall, I thought that the result was more than I expected and was happy that my husband was happy with it. I even got a thumbs up from my son Omer! But more to that, hubby said that he’d be very comfortable wearing it in the party.

That was when I finally said: mission accomplished.

Planning on DIY-ing a masquerade mask soon? Shoot me your thoughts on the comments below!

Til the next one,

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