DIY Minimalist-Boho-Modern Dreamcatcher

It’s only been two months since we moved to our new house and I’m happy that we’re making progress in making it feel more like home. From my previous post, you saw that we began with painting our walls and putting in the vinyl floor tiles by ourselves,

without any professional help! I can’t help saying I was kind of proud of the result (see below) ha!  The colors were a combination of what my husband and I thought were cool, and I loved that it all worked out. Although we still had lots to do in terms of repairs and design, I’m glad that we’re taking these baby steps one at a time.

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One thing that has been in my list for quite a time now is to decorate our walls. We only got a small space with just a few blank walls, but I think it makes sense to put something up to make the rooms more alive.

Before anything else, you must know that I am a struggling minimalist. I have popped my eyeballs looking for tips on how to have a minimalist lifestyle over the months (and I still struggle! haha).  Anyway, I came across this blog which instantly became my newest favorite and saw this DIY tutorial on the piece that’s just perfect for one of our blank walls—a minimalist looking dreamcatcher! I love dreamcatchers and have always been a fan. I’ve been searching Pinterest for weeks for inspiration and tutorials before finally taking a dive on the project.

This was the inspiration photo from Always Makes Perfect which to me was just gorgeous. I thought it was a mix of boho/minimalist/modern, which I thought was just perfect for the kind of vibe I was striving to create in our home. Plus it was one of the few which I found easy enough for my super beginner skills!

Here is how I did my own version of this dreamcatcher in case you’re interested to do it on your own.

diy minimalist boho modern dreamcatcher

I started by buying these materials in a craft store in the middle of our public market in Alabang. The metallic black spray paint was bought from Ace Hardware which is pretty much everywhere.

diy minimalist boho modern dreamcatcher

Step 1: Sand the wood hoop to smoothen and prep it for paint.

Step 2: Spray paint the hoop and let dry overnight.

diy minimalist boho modern dreamcatcher

Step 3: Make loops with the yarn on this manner or however you like.

Feel free to add more yarns and experiment on your loops. Just be sure to make your loops as tight as you can to make it look solid.

diy minimalist boho modern dreamcatcher

Here’s a photo by my 5yo son Omer.  I wanted to make sure that he is always included in my craft projects.  I would give him small assignments like mix paints, cut tapes, hold something for me, etc. For this night, he is my photographer! Haha

Step 4: Embellish with beads or others. I used my beads from an old necklace.

Like I said, feel free to experiment, be you and add things that you like.  You may add tassels, feathers, laces, etc.  You may also add other texture like ribbons, cloth, or others.

diy modern boho minimalist dreamcatcher

My ultimate tip would be to feel free to experiment on what you think works or not. You may do it differently altogether, depending on your style and mood. This just happens to be a perfect fit for moi.  The key is to have fun while doing it. After all, what’s the point? 😊

‘Til the next one,

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