DIY Pleated Bedskirt

One lesson I learned from living in a small apartment is that an unused space is a storage space. I have always stored most of my craft stuff under our bed to maximize the space and for my easy access as well.

One downside, however, is it could look messy. Especially from afar, when the door to our bedroom is open, I could see all the clutter under the bed and did not like it.

I saw a DIY bedskirt project on Pinterest via this link and thought that it would just be the answer to my problem.  So came holiday, I tried it.

First step was to go to the market to buy the following materials shown in the picture below. I went to my favorite Alabang market and haggled to buy a cream-colored fabric at Php 75.00 ($1.50) per yard.  I bought 5 yards which enabled me to cover the left side and the foot of the bed (our bed is placed on the far right corner of the room, just to the wall, so covering the right side would be useless). If you plan on covering three sides, I think 7 yards would be enough. Next was to buy safety pins and thumb tacks, which cost me Php 50.00 ($1.00).

Since this is my first time to make pleats, I had some difficulty and had to redo some work before actually getting it. At first I was joining 5 pleats in a pin, but then the pleats looked overstuffed so I made it to 4. I tried joining 3 pleats in a pin on my third try and thought it looked great, so I stuck with it.

I then laid the pleats under the mattress and thumb tacked them at the end of each pin.  From time to time I would check if the pleats are flowing right and are evenly distributed.

I finished everything in about 2 hours, but I’m pretty sure you can finish it in an hour if you skip the trial-and-error part which I did with the pleats. I chose a light-colored bedskirt since most of our bed sheets are dark-colored. It just happened that the one in use at this time is a light-colored sheet. Anyway, I am very satisfied and happy that my mess under the bed had just been beautifully concealed!

Got a lot of stuff to hide under your bed too?  Feel free to try this project and let me know how it goes!

‘Til the next DIY project,


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