DIY Shark Costume and Treats Bag for Kids

Looking for super easy, inexpensive, and cute trick-or-treat costume for your kids this year?  I got you covered!

Omer was 3 and a half years old when I made this project back in 2015.  He was so obsessed with sharks at that time and I just thought, why not make him one?  So I went online and found on the lovely Pinterest a lot of great blogs for making kids’ shark costume, with step-by-step tutorials!  I came across this blog which I thought was just perfect for what I need.

I took some time looking for places to buy Omer a cheap gray hooded jacket and found one in a factory-overruns store in South Station, Alabang.  I am always happier if I found a store that sells the same quality clothes as those branded ones, with great variety at a lot less price, I mean, jackpot!  The jacket cost Php 450.00 ($9.00) and I thought it was well worth my every single peso.  Its quality is so amazing that Omer still uses it up to this day, being 2 years later.  After buying the hooded jacket, I went to a fabric store in Starmall to buy some pieces of Felt fabric for Php 120.00 ($2.20) per pack.

I proceeded stitching the Felt onto the jacket following the instructions of the blog link that I shared.  I was okay without sewing the white Felt on to the tummy area so I just skipped it.

Next was to pair his costume up with a treats bag.  There are actually lots of stores selling the generic pumpkin bag during this season, but I thought that it didn’t really match with his costume.  I saw this amazing blog which I tried doing instantly.  I never imagined actually making it work just by hand-stitching everything, so when I was finished, I was super satisfied and a little proud of myself! 😀  I did not spend any single peso for this project, as I just reused an old car-seat cover for the outer fabric and an old shirt of mine for the lining.

All done and ready to make some fun!


The catch was to think of something for Yuli and me to wear that would of course match with Omer’s.  After some brainstorming, I finally decided for the three of us to be the shark-bitten family (or as my friend joked, more like the piranha-bitten family).


I remember cramming to finish up our costume, making ourselves look like surfers (with just what we could find in our closet), and buying bandages the night before Omer’s trick-or-treating.  I borrowed a red poster paint from my youngest sister to put blotches of blood onto the bandages (which looking at it now I think I must have overdone) just a few hours before we went out of the house.  Not to mention the stress of putting everything to the last minute, though, I thought it was a lot of fun.  Omer really, I mean really, enjoyed his shark costume, and looking at the smile on his face made me think all the stress was worth it. <3


I am again racking my brains for our family’s costume for this year’s trick-or-treat.  If you have any cute or witty suggestions, I am all ears!

‘Til the next DIY trick-or-treat costume,





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  1. Oh this is such a great idea and it turned out so cute! I absolutely love the idea of shark hood as a costume. So simple and easy to make. Just precious.

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