DIY Whiteboard Project

I was thinking of a quick craft project one weeknight after work using a broken picture frame from our last year’s Christmas gifts and ended up reading a dozen or so blogs on Pinterest on DIY framed art projects.  From the blogs I read, I thought that a DIY whiteboard project would be the most practical thing to do for now with the resources at hand.  I decided to try out this project that I saw online and got very satisfied with the result.  It was very easy and cheap, and the fact that you could redo and re purpose it whenever you like just made it more interesting for me to do.

Materials for this quick DIY whiteboard project:

  • Picture frame (feel free to recycle one or buy in any department store for Php50.00 – Php500.00 ($1-10) depending on size)

THRIFT TIP: There are lots of shops that are outside the malls that sell quality frames for such lower prices.  For instance, I love going to Novo Jeans for cheap novelty items like this.  I’m pretty sure their stores are fairly scattered around the Metro Manila area.

  • Film acetate (I just added this since I used a broken picture frame without the glass anymore.  If you’re using a new frame, you may skip this one)
  • Cute scrapbook paper, or in my case, fabric
  • Whiteboard marker / eraser

diy whiteboard project quick and easy diy

I wasn’t able to take step-by-step photos of how I did it, but it’s fairly easy.  Just insert the scrapbook paper into the frame as you would a photo.  Top it with the film acetate (if your glass is also broken), and you’re done!  Piece of cake!

Here’s how mine looked afterwards:

diy whiteboard project quick and easy diy home decor

I wrote my favorite quote of the week and placed my finished DIY Whiteboard Project in our tiny living area.  Because just as Neville Longbottom needs a Remembrall for things he quite easily forgets, this project could also serve as our fancy reminder of things to do and be.

So there, feel free try this super easy super quick DIY project and let me know what you think!

’til the next quick DIY project,


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