Simple and Frugal Family Traditions to Strengthen Family Bond

It should only be fitting to tell you more about my guys. I seriously love being a wife to Yuli and a mother to Neal Omer.  One big trait that we have as a family is our united desire in finding happiness through simple and frugal means.  I like to think that we’ll have lots of time with extravagance when we’re old and boring! Because of that, I directed myself to building small family traditions that will make us happy while avoiding emptying out our pockets.

Frugal living is a lifestyle that we continue to practice as a family.  For instance, we prefer home-cooked meals than eating out in fancy restaurants, watching downloaded movies than cinemas, and taking turns massaging each other’s feet than going to spas.  As lovers of music, we like putting up chairs outside our apartment and singing songs while I play the guitar. I really believe that the amount of happiness that we would have acquired outside the home would be just the same inside, so long as we do those things together.

I couldn’t put it more beautifully than Jack Johnson did: “It’s always better when we’re together.” 😀

simple and frugal family tradition for a happier family life

The point is, if one of your motherhood goals is to strengthen the relationship within the family circle and find happiness without being so much stressed at costs, there are lots of things you could do at home to help you attain that goal. It only takes a bit of creativity and work to make your family life a little bit better, a little bit happier.

Even at this early stage of his life, I aim to teach Neal Omer a number of values so that he could grow up to be a good person. Of those, one that makes great weight is the attitude of gratitude.  I try to be more appreciative of his efforts whenever I can, so that he could grow up with a thankful heart and appreciation of others as well. To further help me build on that, I thought of a family tradition that could help us be more appreciative of one another, and thank each other for the efforts that we put into anything each day.

We have just started rolling out our very own Ca-Ca-Chuck family tradition this year, and it certainly makes us happy without breaking the bank. Finding frugal means to be happy at its best. 😁

The Cali-Cake-Chuckie (Ca-Ca-Chuck) Tradition

The rules are simple: whenever a small success came, we buy ourselves our favorite comfort food. That is Cali Pineapple Soda and a cheap Caramel Cake from a nearby bakery for Yuli and me, and a Chuckie Kid’s Chocolate Drink for Omer. We sit by the couch and talk about that success for some time while also discussing future goals and areas for improvement. During this discussion, it is important that TV and gadgets are out of hands and sight.

The below picture is our most recent celebration and I think it’s because Yuli survived and completed his 2-week English Training at work. He was so reluctant about passing the course so he worked hard to make it work, and we are grateful for that.

All of our food amounted to only about Php 150.00 ($3.00), and that is the total cost for this simple celebration. What could be more awesome than a 150-peso-bit-of-happiness?! 🤘

small family tradition

Like I said, the key is to be creative. You just need to think about what’s lacking and fill that up with these kinds of activities to nurture a culture of love and appreciation at home.

I am a product of simple family traditions at home.  I was raised by parents who value gatherings to continue strengthening an open line of communication among us siblings even at this time that most of us have families of our own.  Most of my life’s lessons and important pieces of advice are picked up from those informal family gatherings.  I believe that building meaningful family traditions are helpful in sustaining a happy and healthy family.

What kind of simple celebration and other family traditions do you have or want to have? Tell me about it!

‘Til the next family tradition,

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