Handmade Dream Catchers for Sale!

After a few weeks of hibernation from undergoing a major surgery, I am back and alive and ready to make my dreams come true! Ha!

I have always wanted to sell something handmade, with hopes as high as the skies that I will be getting big sales and become famous from doing such.  So much self-confidence and ambition I know! But when reality had struck me quite hard, I realized that getting big sales isn’t so much a great motivation in success compared to doing stuff that you love. That was why I decided to sell only those things that I love doing or other stuff that I love.  Big sales and fame could wait became the new mantra, and my focus shifted toward feeling fulfilled by the small successes that come along.

For years since I became a nanay (mother), I have grown quite an interest in wall decors and hangings. I think that these seemingly small details in any house do the job on making any place feel more like home. Whenever I go to a friend’s house, wall hangings are the first things that I notice, and I feel like getting to know each friend better by just looking at them.

handmade dreamcatcher for sale

You would see in this previous post my first attempt to DIY a dream-catcher as one of the few decors to our home. After taking some time gathering resources on where to get other materials, I tried to redo it in a more fashionable way I guess.

handmade dreamcatcher for sale

This modern-boho dream-catcher is made of different textures which I found complimentary to each other–laces, ribbons, strings of different widths, and macrame ropes. The hoop is made of wood, sanded and spray-painted with metallic black.

I think that this dream-catcher would be perfect either for a modern or boho themed bedroom, and could even pass for a minimalist one.

dreamcatchers for sale philippines

Interested in getting this handmade dream-catcher for your home? Feel free to contact me via the Contact tab or head straight to my social media accounts to send a chat. If you have suggestions or specific designs for a dream-catcher in mind, I would be glad to help you realize that. Connect with me and it’ll be fine (boosting that self-confidence again! haha)


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