Lunchbox Series: Baked Mini Hawaiian Pizza

One of my favorite go-to snacks for my five-year-old son are these baked mini-Hawaiian pizzas.  I don’t think anyone could ever go wrong with pizzas!  Besides the fact that it’s so quick and easy to prepare, it’s also super cheap.  I estimated that one preparation yielding 2 dozen mini pizzas cost me around Php 150.00 (USD 3.00) and that could be good for a week’s worth of Omer’s baon (snack)!


I usually buy my ingredients in grocery stores like SM Supermarket or Shopwise, so that I am sure that all targets are hit in just one run.  Just a note about the pizza crust though, I have only bought those super small ones from Shopwise (see picture just below) and can’t seem to find them in SM, or at least the one I’ve been into.  The ones I recently bought from SM are maybe twice or thrice the size of what I bought from Shopwise.  I noticed that Omer liked the small ones better, so if you liked those as well, better aim for Shopwise.


What I also liked about this recipe is that it can be prepared early on and then served piece by piece throughout the week, or even the following week.  I usually make 1 pack of 2-dozen mini pizzas in one sitting, serve about 3 pieces for Omer’s lunch for one day and then store the rest in a resealable plastic bag into our freezer until it is up for grab again after a couple of days.  Saves a great deal of time!

And then you could also feel free to add some fruit or healthy drink to go along with this snack.  I usually add a yogurt drink, apple slices (not in the picture sorry), chocolate flakes, and some cookies. And then we’re good to go!


If you are  want to try out this recipe, go ahead and follow my notes below and let me know what you think!


‘Til the next nanay dilemma,




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  1. A great lunchbox idea. I also like greek natural youghurt with frozen berries. They melt over the yoghurt until lunchtime, keeping things fresh and provide delicious juice over the yoghurt while they melt.

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