Minimalist Living Room Decor Ideas

So–I’ve been again popping my eyeballs out reading blog after blog looking for inspirations for our to-be-living-room in October.  As I have mentioned in my previous posts, you may know that we are moving out from a tiny apartment to a not-so-big but bigger-than-our-apartment house, and we are just so excited!  I promised to update you with all the DIY projects we plan on doing along the way,

with us painting the walls as our first.

Read more about our move here.

Now with the gazillion pins I’ve seen on minimalist living room decor ideas, these are the ones that caught me, and I’m going to tell you why.

Even before knowing about our move, I was already dreaming of decorating our living room and creating a mood of warmth and relaxation for our visitors. And being 9-5 workers ourselves, I think my husband Yuli and I are the best persons to benefit from this kind of vibe.  I wanted to show that coziness using neutral-colored elements but with a touch of pale colors that would occasionally pop.   I may consider myself an incomplete minimalist in that I enjoy seeing tinges of pale (or sometimes even loud) colors along, but not all the time.  Neutral or less color makes my eyes and brain more relaxed.  On the other hand, bright colors would sometimes make my head hurt.

Maybe that’s the reason why these photos really caught me. They justify that less is really more. For me at least.


Click here for the source of this beautiful photo.

The colors that popped in this living room are only those of the leaves of the plants, and for me that’s more than enough to bring life into the place.  Plus the ottoman looked really comfy!


Click here for the source of the beautiful photo.

As I mentioned, pale colors really get to me. I honestly am not a pink person, but pale it down a bit and boy I’m in! I love how pale pink just popped into the room through the tiny details such as pillowcases and made the room alive.


Click here for the source of this beautiful photo.

I think I am still learning the things I like and don’t like on the world of textile fabric, but I already know that I like triangles and some (not all) geometric figures. I liked how the triangle textile pillow case looked so simple yet outstanding on this one.


Click here for the source of this beautiful photo.

Lastly, I am just sharing this photo  because I think this is the color palette that I would like to have in our living room soon.

Did you like these ideas too? Let me know what you think!




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17 Replies to “Minimalist Living Room Decor Ideas”

  1. I love the ideas, I think light pink and grey always will be perfect match:)

    Before moving in to my house I spent ages looking for inspiration how to design my room 🙂 Have you looked at Pinterest for some more inspirations? They’ve got loads of it there! 🙂

    1. @justyna Thank you! Yes that is actually where I got all these ideas! I think I owe Pinterest my life! Hahaha it is such a big help when it comes to finalizing my wants in life!

    1. Well there goes my problem too Elizabeth! 😉 guess i’ll just stuff em all up in the play/study room and try never to get them out to the living room. Hahaha

  2. I love this post. I’ve been trying to become more minimilist but I also don’t want to sacrifice style at the same time. These living rooms are beautiful.

  3. I lobe this kind og decor, unfortunately wuth my kiddos much of it woulf not stay set up and stlyed this way. They are pretty good about no breaking things but yhey still make forts out ofall my furniture.

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