New Year, New DIY Home

I have told you in this post that we are moving out from our apartment in October, and that we are so so excited for a much bigger space (with a garage for our dog named Ted and a little spot for me to start growing plants, dream come true!) to come for our little family.   My husband Yuli

and I are now spending time talking about wall paint colors, locations of our existing furniture,  plans on buying other furniture, room functions and decor, and everything.  It actually isn’t until now that I figured how different we are in terms of our taste in interior design since we never had to decorate our apartment from scratch.  I would characterize his likes as of a man that he is–vibrant and firm, whereas mine as timid (although I’m not, just with colors) and a little dreamy.  We have not yet gone into final details as to how our new space would look, but I got some plans figured and hope I will get him to say yes. 🙂

Because of the ongoing excitement, I decided to ditch our plans of going on a night swimming on my birthday and just spend it painting our walls with a flat primer (since nothing’s final on the wall colors as of yet).  I’m glad that’s what we did, because I haven’t felt any more fulfilled on my birthday than painting the walls of a space we would soon call home.


We went with our dirty clothes, turned up the music, and began painting.  While doing that, we continued talking about our plans for the house.  We agreed to add some lighting inside and out, fix some tubes and wires, and add some elements.  We also agreed to use the second room as our study room and also prepare it as my office when the time comes that I am a work-at-home mom.  Ultimately, and I’m so glad we did, we agreed to DIY everything as much as we could, and showcase those projects on this blog soon, with thrift tips and tutorials for sure. 🙂


The happiest helper in the house is this one.  I think Omer really enjoyed painting walls with a roller for the first time, and stayed up to the task for a couple of hours.  When he discovered though that water is running from the bathroom, and that there is a big water container perfect to fit him in, he suddenly forgot about wall painting and stayed in the container with his toys for the rest of the afternoon!  Oh well.


Anyway,  after 2.5 gallons of white paint and some bruises from falling off the steel ladder 🙁 , we finally decided to pack up at about 8pm (we were only planning to stay until 6pm but my Obsessive Compulsive husband wanted to finish everything!)  and went home to continue my birthday celebration with a birthday cake from my super sweet parents.  All our money was spent buying tools and gallons of paint and I wasn’t expecting to blow a candle anymore, and so this really made me happy and spoiled. Ha!


We are going back to the house in a few days after finalizing our wall paint color, and then also start purchasing our tiles for flooring.  Couldn’t be more excited!

Stay tuned for DIY projects coming soon. 🙂


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