Sea of Clouds at Treasure Mountain Camp, Tanay, Rizal

The Treasure Mountain Camp in Tanay, Rizal is known for its “Sea of Clouds”.  We went to check if its real.


I consider myself lucky to live in a holiday-loving country such as the Philippines! Continue reading “Sea of Clouds at Treasure Mountain Camp, Tanay, Rizal”

Overnight Camping in Real, Quezon

WARNING: This post contains a lot of mushy pictures. Continue at your own risk. 🤤

By seeing my previous posts on our trips to Sariaya, Quezon, and Baler, Quezon, you should know that my husband was unable to come to both trips because of conflict in his work schedule. This trip was different in that i) we were together but without Omer, and ii) we were on a long motorcycle road trip. Continue reading “Overnight Camping in Real, Quezon”