Dalampasigan Beach Resort, Sariaya Quezon

It’s the rainy season again in the Philippines. Typhoons are taking turns coming in and out, and weather is most of the time intermittent. Omer’s classes had been suspended twice last week and once this week due to heavy rains. It is that time again that I would install beach or summer desktop themes on my laptop to see glimpses of beaches and the sun (Current Theme: Carribean Beaches 😎).

Although as much as I like seeing those pictures on my desktop, I think nothing could still compare to the beauty of the beaches in the Philippines (proud Filipino here! Haha) Oh how I love the Philippines’ beaches! Although I’ve only been to few and not even the famous ones like Boracay or Palawan, I could say that the natural beauty of our country is truly world-class!

Talking about beaches, let me take you to our latest family and friends’ day out just this May, before the rains took over.  We went to see the beauty of Sariaya in the province of Quezon. It was a 3-4 hour drive from our place in Muntinlupa. We came to a place called Dalampasigan Beach Resort, which is a very nice looking resort. And the staff are nice and friendly too!

sariaya dalampasigan resort quezon

(🎼🎵🎶 Here comes the sun!🎵🎶)


You may book rooms or cottages through their website found on this link.  We did not make early reservations and just booked a cottage on the day that we came, and it worked just fine.

dalampasigan beach resort sariaya quezon

There are pools for kids and adults with the beach facing the other side. It isn’t a white-sand beach but the sand is fine and not too rough (as I believe is the case for all Quezon beaches). Omer enjoyed the kiddie pool and loved playing with the sand while the adults played beach volleyball (my first time really).

dalampasigan resort sariaya quezon

(Not so much a fan of volleyball, but that’s me trying hard to score!🤣)

We ate lots of seafoods and tried Budin (forgot to take a picture), a famous kind of pastry in the Quezon province. It tastes like Cassava cake, but to me the texture’s just a liiiitle bit firmer than our normal cassava cake. But I liked it just fine!

dalampasigan resort sariaya quezon

Yuli had to work this day and totally missed a lot of fun, but he catches up easily.  We got back home at around 10pm, deadly tired but good tired. If you’re planning to head the same way sometime soon, go ahead and check their website and let me know of your experience. 🏊‍♂️

‘Til the next daytrip to the beach,

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dalampasigan resort sariaya quezon


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