3-Day Trip to Bolinao and Alaminos Pangasinan

Yuli, Omer and I, together with my parents and siblings (and my brother’s family) had a chance to visit the cities of Bolinao and Alaminos in Pangasinan last year, and it was an awesome experience.  We drove to Pangasinan on a Thursday night and arrived past midnight the following day.  We drove back for Manila on Saturday night, so almost a 3-day trip.  We wished to have had stayed longer but our remaining vacation leaves at work won’t allow us, but it was overall a great trip.  

I will not be listing down our expenses since some of it were shared by the family, so I think it won’t make any sense, but here is a summary of our itinerary:

Day 1 — Road trip to Bolinao, Pangasinan from Muntinlupa city (around 5 hours)

Day 2 — Enchanted Cave, Patar Beach, Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Day 3 — Hundred Islands, Souvenir hunting, road trip back to Manila

Here are the details of our trip, in case you plan on heading the same route soon.

pangasinan bolinao alaminos hundred islands beach cave

Since we were travelling with the gang, we had to consider everybody’s availability, and so we were left with driving on a Thursday night, after office hours.  We carpooled with our mom and dad while the others carpooled on my brother’s car.  We hit the road at around 9pm and arrived in Bolinao at 2am.  We just all crashed after that.

The following day was brighter, and we all readied ourselves and the kids to go to the beach.  While on the road, we stopped to see the beautiful Enchanted Cave.  Although dimly lit, you could see how clean and fresh the water looked and tasted (yes! We drank some!).  The caretaker said that its waters were actually cleaner than the purified water we buy on malls, and I believed him.  We dipped and played for a while (water’s cold by the way) and then went on.  I remember there was a minimal entrance fee to this sight (around Php 80.00 – 100.00 I think) so you may want to remember that in case you are planning to go.

enchanted cave, bolinao pangasinan

I like seeing and taking pictures of tree branches and this one just caught me.  It’s one of the tall trees surrounding the Enchanted Cave.  Beautiful, isn’t it? <3

enchanted cave, bolinao pangasinan

That’s me before dipping in.  The water level to the sides of the cave was about  2 to 3-ft  while the center was about 6 or 7ft.  We made sure the kids stayed by the side.  The surface was rocky down to the floor, and I remember getting bruised by some of it, but no biggie.

Next stop was Bolinao’s famous Patar Beach, and by far my favorite!  I liked how the water was so pure and the sand not so rough.  We settled and ate our lunch (grilled fish and fruits!) prepared by our friends who hosted our stay.  Afterwards, we swam like there was no tomorrow!

patar white sand beach bolinao pangasinan

In the afternoon, we gathered our stuff and took a quick stop at Cape Bolinao’s Lighthouse before heading home.  All lighthouses are beautiful to me.  I just couldn’t find a good picture that I took that would justify that. 🙁  (Blame it on my cheap smartphone! haha)

Our third day was spent on the beautiful Hundred Islands.  We drove for a little bit, and readied our pockets for the entrance and boat fees.  There were lots of people offering a guided tour just by the dock, and we haggled for one that was the cheapest.

I remember getting into some caves and seeing some diving spots (although I did not dare jump!), but I just couldn’t recall the names of the islands that we visited. We depended our tour on the recommendations by our boat guy, but if you have a preferred itinerary, I’m sure they are willing to do that for you too.   We snorkeled (another first for me!) at the Marcos island and swam a bit at the Children’s island.  I think we also hopped into the Quirino, Lopez, Governor’s and Century islands before ending our trip, and they were aaaaaall beautiful!

hundred islands alaminos pangasinan

I think this was taken at the Children’s island, while the other at the Quezon island.

hundred islands alaminos pangasinan

We drove back home that night after visiting another friend in Alaminos and having a taste of my favorite and Pangasinan’s famous Tupig!  We made sure to bring some packs home. 🙂

Are you planning on visiting Pangasinan soon? Try seeing these places as well and let me know how it went for you.

‘Til the next road trip north,

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