Kaybiang Tunnel and Marine Base Beach in Ternate Cavite

Thank goodness for another Philippine holiday!  As an office employee working our usual 9-5, my husband Yuli and I find holidays to be literally heaven sent!  You may recall from this post how I don’t want holidays to go wasted so I plan trips whenever I can.

For this one, we decided to take our baby Maj (Yamaha SZ-R) to another long ride.  With some friends, we went to see the Kaybiang Tunnel in Ternate Cavite, with side trips to the San Roque cathedral and the Marine Base beach more commonly known as Boracay de Cavite.

This post shows you our itinerary, expenses, and honest opinion on stuff, in case you want to head this route soon.

kaybiang tunnel marine base beach ternate cavite long ride

We left Muntinlupa city at about 5am on Thursday along with the gang.  Our first stop was a visit at the San Roque cathedral, one of the historical churches in Cavite city.  I am always amazed by historic architecture and love taking pictures of them.  I took several pictures in and out of the Church, but this is what struck me while reviewing them.  Isn’t she beautiful?

san roque cathedral cavite

Apart from that, I also love taking photos of trees. More particularly of tree branches.  This was one example, which was quite difficult to capture because we were moving. But I loved it!

ternate cavite kaybiang tunnel

Our next stop was the Kaybiang Tunnel. We initially planned visiting the Emilio Aguinaldo shrine but were afraid that the museum might be closed on holidays (as what I read from other blogs), so we just decided to skip it.

About an hour and a half from the San Roque cathedral, we finally reached our destination.  When we arrived at the Kaybiang Tunnel, a lot of riders and bikers were already there.  We had fun taking these photos and making noises while crossing the tunnel.  Locals told us you should shout or honk horns while crossing the tunnel.  I think we overdid it!

ternate cavite kaybiang tunnel

kaybiang tunnel ternate cavite

We also learned that the other side of the tunnel leads you straight to Tagaytay in about an hour or less.  But since we didn’t plan on continuing our ride to Tagaytay, we just went back to the way we came and headed straight to the Marine Base beach.

marine base beach ternate cavite boracay de cavite

When we came to the front gate of the Marine Corps Base, we were greeted by the banner above and the local boar below.  We were so excited to reach the white sand beach and eat some seafood and do all that stuff but what greeted us was a bit of a shock.

marine base beach ternate cavite boracay de cavite

marine base beach ternate cavite boracay de cavite

This was the view from afar.  It was quite peaceful and beautiful.

Up close, the beach was not as totally clean and beautiful as what we saw in the pictures.  First off, the sand wasn’t white and fine but grey and rocky.  And more to that, the beach was so dirty with human waste.  We saw several plastic wrappers, used baby and lady diapers (yuck!) freely floating along the shore, enjoying the beach like some tourists.

The view was heart wrenching, not because I felt like it was a total waste of our time, but because ruining the nature like that to me was just unimaginable.  I was kind of hoping that maybe we have come at a very bad time, that this is not really what it is on normal days. I really hoped it wasn’t.

marine base beach ternate cavite boracay de cavite

But as the saying goes, the show must go on.  We could have packed our things and left immediately upon seeing the dirty beach.  But my darling friends taught me to be positive and enjoy the view while making fun of the facts that lie in front of us.  I did take some good photos of the rock formation by the seaside (which is really beautiful) and some cleaner portions of the shore.  We ate grilled barbecue (they even didn’t have seafood! ☹) and believe it or not took a dip at the beach, making fun of all the rubbish that came to our reach.

There were actually a number of people swimming when we came.  I was amazed at how long they stayed.  We didn’t last 15 minutes swimming, packed our things and left.

I would say that the day would have been a disaster if not for the crazy friends who went with us and made everything more fun. Oh and for the monkeys that we saw at the Marine Base Camp!!  I could not remember the last time I saw monkeys, so I was delighted!

marine base beach ternate cavite boracay de cavite

It was a short but super funny trip.  The call to make the world a cleaner place could not be stressed enough in this trip.  I hope that all travelers would be more responsible in preserving the natural beauty of our beaches in the country.

In case you plan on going on a long ride to Kaybiang Tunnel soon, here is the summary of our expenses.  You may also plan on looking for other beach options to be sure you are headed to a cleaner one.  Comment below with your recommendations and I’ll be sure to try them out during our next visit. Thanks!

Transportation – about P250 for motorcycle gas
Food (brunch and snacks) – about P600.00
Cottage – P250.00 (this was more just like a table for us to put our things and eat.  We didn’t take the fancy one since we didn’t plan on staying long)
Entrance to the beach – P200.00 (for 2 people)
Tips and others – about P100.00
Total: P1,400.00

Til the next long ride,

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